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13 Seater Minibus Singapore

When you have a larger event taking place, you might need to move a party larger than 10 individuals at once. When that happens, you should be taking a look at our maxi cab 13 seater option. With a 13-seat vehicle, we can take you and 11 others to the destination of your choice. This also leaves you with all the space that you would need for storing high quantities of luggage. It’s a big reason why so many people in Singapore rely upon us to get them to their chosen destination with everything intact.

When you want to hire a minibus, you want to hire one with space for transporting people and their luggage. We use the widest possible bus to ensure that you never need worry about having a bus that is not wide enough for storage. We look to give you access to a large, sturdy, and cost effective transport system that you can enjoy.

It’s the simplest, easiest solution possible for anyone who is looking to make large quantities of people or products at once. With plenty of space onboard, you can get more done with less time and by paying less.

Make your next trip easier to prepare


As we all know, heading off on any kind of journey with multiple people needs mass organisation. To make sure you spend less time worried about time being wasted, we look to help you make smarter choices today. Just let us know what you are looking for in terms of assistance, and we’ll make sure that it can be done with ease. Wherever you need to go in Singapore, wherever you wish to be picked up from, we’ll be there to make it happen.

All that we need to know are your pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the time. Please also inform us of any particular transport needs, such as disabled access or the fitting of specialist rails. We could also fit our minibus with appropriate measures for carrying things like musical equipment and/or bicycles. All that we need is some notice of what kind of special storage or carrying features that you need.

Our team would then get to work on making this work for you. with a 13 seater minibus in Singapore, you will find it easier than ever to get around and to avoid any of the issues you would expect.

Get picked up from the airport with ease


Are you and a larger group of friends/family coming back from a fun trip? Then you need to be picked up at the airport. Instead of paying exorbitant airport transfer fees from others, contact AKMaxiCab today. We can give you access to a maxi cab 13 seater with enough space for everyone and their luggage. We’ll track your flight and make sure we are there in good time to pick you up.

This means that you can benefit from our long-term waiting time; we know that airports are busy places. If you worry that we might not wait for you to arrive, fear not. We provide you with complementary waiting times, as we know that delays can take place. Time can be consumed quickly in an airport, so we always look to give you as much leeway as we possibly can.

This gives you the help to know that you can arrive out to the vehicle when you are ready. All we ask is that you try and provide us with some kind of real-time update when you can. This lets us make sure we can get you on the road ASAP.

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