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9 Seater Maxi Cab


Got a large trip planned? Want to make sure that everyone has the space they need for the journey?

Then you could use one of our 9 seater maxi cab options. We have numerous cabs for you to pick from at AKMaxiCab, each one offering ample room inside. With the help of our 9-seater option, you can make sure that there is never any space issues during the journey. Make sure that everyone can sit comfortably at peace as the journey picks up the pace and you arrive at your chosen destination.

With the hiring of our 9-seater cab, you can have enough space for making sure you can travel with comfort. These are ideal for people who are travelling in a smaller group with large luggage requirements. Or, it is suitable for a party of eight (you plus seven others, plus the driver). This helps you to move a larger group of people all at once, ensuring that everyone can together as one party.

Given the affordable cost of a 9 seater maxi cab in Singapore, this can be your most affordable option for making sure you can get from A to B in good time.


Save time, spend less today


With the help of a high quality 9 seater maxi cab in Singapore, you can make transport affordable. Instead of everyone paying for public transport, use our private hire transport service instead. You can get to where you need to go with no time wasted, and ensure you are moving along smoothly. Don’t let train delays or the like mean your night is in jeopardy. With our cabs, you are picked up swiftly, quickly, and easily.

We’ll then make sure that you can get everyone (and their luggage) to their chosen destination. From a night out on town with your friends/family to an airport transfer, we have all the help that you need waiting here. Just let us know what you are looking to deal with, and we’ll put in place a simple plan to get you home without issue.

We know what it’s all about when it comes to building consensus and forming a solid plan. Our team can help you to spend less on your transport and get more value for money in return. Keep everyone in the one transport, too, for a more enjoyable transport experience overall!

Your safety always in mind


One thing that we never want you to feel when driving with our team is uncertain. We look to use the best drivers with the utmost experience for the task at hand. We only recommend a driver for your route who knows where you are going, too, so you never need to worry about getting lost. We know that for most trips time is of the essence, too, so we always use the fastest legal route to get you to where you need to do.

We understand that the last thing you need is a distraction or a disappointment prior to a big evening out. So, let us make sure that such issues can become a problem of the past. Let us step in and show you the simplest way to make sure everyone can arrive on time and without paying for an excess.

We can also help you with travelling with larger pieces of equipment, such as extensive luggage, bicycles, and any large/bulky items that might not fit in other vehicles.

Whether you need space for people or for products, our 9 seater maxi cab in Singapore will make sure you have all the space that you need.

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