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When you are looking to get into town or anywhere quickly in a large group, you need transport. However, finding the right kind of transport can be tough work; it takes a lot of work and effort to plan out. Instead of going with time consuming public transport, why not use our private hire transport services?

At AKMaxiCab, we can make sure that you get less done with more. our 6 seater maxi cab in Singapore will make sure you can get to your intended destination with no time wasted and no stress. Just sit back in the cab, let us take you to your chosen destination, and relax. All that you need to do is let us know where you intend to go, and we’ll be there to make sure you can get the lift that you need.

One thing about hiring a cab is that you want to make sure everyone has enough space. With our 6 seaters, you and four others (five including the driver) can get the lift that you need direct to where you want to go. No matter where it is in Singapore, we will be more than happy to help you make it so. Just let us know what your aim is, and we’ll make sure that a solution can be sought out as soon as is possible. We can suggest you a list of interesting places to go in Singapore.

Take the stress out of hiring transport with a 6 seater maxi cab in Singapore

Why should getting around be so tough? With our help, it can become so much simpler. We don’t see why you should have to struggle to get to your chosen location. All that you need to do is let us know where you intend to go, and we’ll be there to help you set up all of the transport that you need. The service is kept simple so that nothing has to confuse you during the arranging of your pick-up.

Just let us know where you are going, and how many people you have in total. We also have larger vehicles, but our 6 seater maxi cab in Singapore is more than suitable for your needs for the most part. If you and four other people want to make sure they can get to the destination in good time, let us know.

We just need to be given some kind of information about where you expect to be, and we’ll be there to make it possible. We can pick you all up anywhere in Singapore, too, so just provide us with any pertinent details and we’ll be there!


Akmaxicab.com is your trusted and reliable transport partner with a wide fleet of vehicles ranging from cabs for 6-13 people at one go. Our 7 seater maxi cab, 9 Seater minibus as well as our 13 seater minibus Singapore services arrive at your preferred location in 10 to 20 minutes once your maxi cab booking or minibus booking were made. 


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